VENICE BIENNALE. BEYOND VISION. FLOATING CITY Andorran pavilion - Church of San Samuele.


Venice-city on water / Andorra-city on the clouds

I present especially for Venice a utopian vision of my city, discovered in the reflection of a concave mirror. I select this mirror because it shows the poetic picture which fits together in my imaginary research, new forms of perceiving and making clear an already existing reality, intuited and imagined by me and by other people before me. A new architectural vision. A subterfuge of this living space, released from the reference of horizon, with another spatial reference in its place, that of the circular perimeter of the concave mirror.

I have followed a working process which has consisted in wandering about Andorra in the search for and capture of photographic evidence, the objective documentation of the existence of the Floating City. So that now I can confirm that if the floating city, was at first imagined for me, now it is not so, it is alive and present, in the reflection of a mirror. The result is pictures in which reality is divided, inverting the division.



IMAGE 1- PROOF OF THE EXISTENCE OF THE FLOTING CITY   structure with photograph  280x350x200 cm




IMAGE 2 - PROOF OF THE EXISTENCE OF THE FLOTING CITY structure with photograph  300x280x200 cm




IMAGE 3 - PROOF OF THE EXISTENCE OF THE FLOTING CITY   structure with photograph 300x280x200 cm