HELENA GUÀRDIA  was born in 1966 in Andorre. She studied Fine Arts at the Barcelona University and in parallel at the Barcelona school of arts and crafts.She continued her training in the Paris School of Fine Arts. She completed her studies with a grant in Bezalel, the School of Fine Arts and Design in Jerusalem. Helena has lived in Barcelona (1985-1990), Paris (1990-1993) i Jerusalem (three months 1993). Currently works and lives in Andorra


2013  SUBJECTIVE MAPS  / DISAPEARENCES. Curated by: Halldor Bjorn Runólfsson, Alessandro Castiglioni, Rita Canarezza and Pier Paolo Coro.  National Gallery of Iceland. Reykjavik (Iceland)

           SUBJECTIVE MAPS / DISAPEARENCES. Space Fada Ignorant (Andorra)
           INTIMATE LANDSCAPES. Center for Catalan Studies, University Paris-Sorbonne, Paris (France)
Space d'exhibition Govern (Andorra)

           DOCUMENTA . LITTLE CONSTELLATION.  Kassel (Germany)
          DE VENECIA A  CASA DE LA VALL: BEYOND THE VISION, FLOATING CITY. New building of the General Council (Andorra)

2011   LA BIENNALE DI VENEZIA, ILLUMINAZIONI.  FLOATING CITY  Andorran Pavilion.Church of San  Samuele Venècia (Italy)

2010   THE PARADISE CONSUMER  Gallery Pilar Riberaygua (Andorra)

2009   LITTLE CONSTELLATION. PROJECTE BETWEENSPACES I PASSIVCITY  Curated Roberto Daolio. Gallery Neon i Fabbrica del Vapore. Milà (Italy)

2007   PROJET EMBOLCALL  Performer Andorra la Vella (Andorra)

2006   NIGHTSHOT  Malves en Minervois (France)

2005   VIDEO SENSITIVE POSTCARDS  video art THE PARADISE CONSUMER  Curated Nua, old monastery Santa Chiara (Republic of San Marino)

          HORITZON  Centre d’estudis catalans-University Paris-Sorbonne, Paris (France )

          TEEKEENGENOOTSCHAP PICTURA  Dordrecht (Netherland)

2004   DE-EINDER  Cat’Art, Sainte Colombe sur l’Hers (France)

2003   6ARTISTS 6CONCEPTS. SOLSTICE  Space Ramon Llull, Mallorca (Spain)

2002   ACTE D’AMOR  Gallery Temple Romà, Vic (Spain)

2000   6ARTISTS 6CONCEPTS  Space d'exhibition  Govern (Andorra)



2009-2011   PROJECT MIRRORS (Andorra)

2008           PROJECT BETWEEN ESPACES (face-1) videoart: PASSIVCITY (Andorra)

2007           PROJECT BETWEEN ESPACES (face-2) EMBOLCALL (Andorra)

2006           6-VIDEO ART, VIDEO CONTAINER Andorra fair (Andorra)

2005           DE-EINDER-HORITZO  Biesbosch, Dordrecht (Netherland)

2005           OLTREPASSANDO L’ARTE DEI PAESI  Old Santa Chiara (San Marino)

2004           DE-EINDER-HORITZÓ  Cat’Art, Sainte Colombe Sur l’Hers (France)

2000           PROJECT SUMMER SOLSTICE   Parc Prat Gran  Encamp (Andorra)