A criticism of the forms of control in the School, under the false appearance of security for the students.



-10 slide projectors with automatic feed

-Slides, which record the presence of each student, at specific times, and their absence with black slides. Each feed tray replaces one student and marks, with the automatic rhythm and the spaces of dark slides, the different rhythms of each of them.

-The sound of the projectors, mechanical and systematic, marks the time, the presence and absence. It tries to make clear the aberration of establishing a rhythm equivalent to that of a factory or office.



The installation makes a complete simulacrum of a any working day in the respective school studio. From 8 to 22 hours. The students are replaced by their pictures fixed in the slides. As the night advances the pictures become more visible, as I was careful to leave the studio in the same condition as the students left it the previous day.